Wednesday, May 14, 2014

writing season

My first few weeks of unemployment didn't really feel like unemployment. Between travel, travel, and more travel, every day was filled with some sort of meeting, obligation, or deadline. For the past four weeks I have longed for a true unemployment day - nowhere to be, nowhere to go. A "holy shit, I'm unemployed" realization day. I took that day, and I'm bored already. Or rather, I'm ready to get back to work. 

I'm beginning to realize that unemployment = time. It is completely up to me how I spend my time. Right now, I spend it writing.

Because I have to write a business plan. Not just any business plan; the plan for my start-up company. There are a lot of firsts along with writing this plan. My first start-up. My first market testing. My first move into Venture Capital. My first investment. My first for profit company. But not my first partnership, not my first passion project, and not my first venture into the unknown. Just my first real business plan.

The Most Important Elements of Your Business Plan

So, I sit at home and write. I sit in the coffee shop and write. I sit in the library and write. I sit outside (when my computer is charged) and write.

Writing something as long as a business plan requires stamina. There are no quick emails sent out, no quick feedback, and no quick phone calls. There is definitely no stopping by a co-worker's cubicle to ask her a quick question. 

Instead, I write and write. And then I look for something else to do. Most of my day is now spent alone, writing. And drinking coffee. And surfing the internet while thinking. And texting/sending instant messages to have some way to communicate with other people during the day.

Currently, business planning is enough for me. But I can tell that sometime soon I'll look forward to heading into a job, complete with meetings, deadlines, constant email communication, and even being judged by someone else's standards. But that's some day. 

For now, I've got to work on this all consuming business plan...

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